Paragon was founded in 1986 by Michael Lawshe with a very simple philosophy: Strive to be the best. The very word Paragon means a "Model of Excellence". For over 27 years, we have challenged ourselves and our customers to be the best. In 1995, Paragon acquired Solutions Inc., a nationally recognized design and merchandising company out of San Angelo, Texas. The new company, Paragon Solutions, took off, consistently winning awards for excellence in design. After 27 years, we are still striving to be the best. We are Paragon Solutions.


We are a bunch of quirky, innovative, problem solvers with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise (think Ocean's Eleven, without the guns and explosives  -- well, usually). Diverse talents enable us to take a holistic approach to each design project. Design, when done right, doesn't fit into a box. It is a combination of creativity, functionality and ingenuity. Paragon's team can customize our talents to your unique challenge and develop the Paragon of Solutions.