Fast Market/Fast Fuels

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"Fast Market / Fast Fuels" - Empire Petroleum


Dallas, TX

Project Notes

Empire Petroleum is a privately held company focused on the wholesale distribution of motor fuels and various other distribution related services within the energy and real estate industries. Empire’s team wanted to come up with a unified brand prototype. This latest venture included owning and operating its own line of convenience stores (Fast Market) featuring self-branded fuel (Fast Fuels). The featured c-store was a remodel located in The Colony, TX and saw immediate elevations in sales as a direct result of the implemented design changes. This store location saw a 66% increase in beer sales, 100% increase in fountain sales, 30% increase in tobacco sales, and 228% increase in fuel sales post-remodel.  All these percentages added up to a 79% overall increase of inside sales. Hank Heithaus, CEO of Empire Petroleum, mentioned that one of the keys to this success can be attributed to making the store easy to shop. This means stores should be uncluttered, clean, and have great signage.