The name Clipper came from the original Boeing 314 Clipper, a long-range flying boat. Pan-Am’s Clippers were built for “one class” luxury travel. When the original founder W. F. Homeyer took a trip on the Clipper, he decided to name his company after the unique plane. Current ownership headed by Tom Bower continues the tradition of offering exceptional service to their customers. This is truly reflected in their most recent store design by Paragon Solutions. Clipper is a local brand that is very community centric with a fun aviation theme. Bright modern touches guide the customers through their retail experience that harkens back to the original Boeing 314 Clipper. The Clipper offering features a substantial beer cave and craft beer section, as well as a strong grab-n-go food service program. Bojangles restaurant complements the convenience offering as a stand-alone fast feeder.

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