“Rattlers” – Kolkhorst Petroleum Co.


College Station, TX


The 3,800 sq ft building is home to the chain’s 14th location and first to feature the new Rattlers logo, replacing the company’s original design from 2004. “Our initial Rattlers logo was very attractive but it was also too complex.  We needed to simplify it to make it more easily identifiable to our customers.  It was not easy to mentally make that switch, but I am glad we did.” – said Jim Kolkhorst, President of Kolkhorst Petroleum Co. and a Past Chairman of the Texas Food & Fuel Association.

In addition to introducing a new logo, Rattlers has ventured into new territory; it’s offering self-branded fuel at 10 fueling stations equipped with the latest dispensers and technology from Gilbarco. “Due to conflicts with being able to brand various locations; creating the Rattlers fuel brand has been on our mind.  This location was a natural site to experiment with the Rattlers brand.” Kolkhorst said.