“Tang Mart” – Jonathan Tang of IRA Phillips, Inc.


Attalla, AL


Jonathan Tang of IRA Phillips, Inc. wanted to create an out of the box identity for his Attalla, AL convenience stores while embracing and celebrating his Chinese heritage without being too literal, stereotypical, or cliché.  Paragon Solutions’ designers helped Jonathan create a brand that would be approachable, friendly, inviting, and contemporary. The ‘dragon’ icon is a rather simple yet memorable mark that gives the store a fun personality much like it’s owner. It is unbelievable that the “before and after“ photos are representing the same space. The remodel and addition took a complete 180-degree turn from its original state and transformed into a much-improved customer experience. This location often surprises customers because of the designated ‘pet relief/play’ area outside, which is still a unique amenity for present-day convenience stores.