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Owners Diane and Randy Morton started out with their first c-store in Hallettsville, TX back in 1968.  After years of running their first location, they felt it was time to build a new, 7,000 square foot store and diner, with the kind of personality that honored two very special individuals: Diane’s father who provided the bulk of the “attractions” to the location, and Rowdy, the Morton’s lovable pooch. Opened on July of 2015, glimpses of Diane’s dad can be found throughout in the antiques that are displayed in every single corner of the store. The diner finishes are distinctly vintage on purpose, playing up Diane’s other love, Elvis. The colors, signage, advertising and furnishings evoke such a “blast from the past” vibe that you half expect the cast of Grease to come strutting through the doors. The offerings from the diner lead customers out into the c-store side, stocked with distinctly Texas food offerings, gear and equipment for fishing and hunting and a Texas-sized beer cooler. While Texas-sized like the rest of the store, the bathrooms are far from old fashion. Fresh finishes and a family friendly bathroom make pit stops for families and truckers an experience all its own. Not to be left behind, family pets and trucker companions have the run of the back of the land in this expansive, dog-friendly park. Complete with a bubbler, trees, and a picnic table for the bipedals, this c-store and pet pit-stop has it all.

done right