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Stan’s has been an institution for over 70 years. At that time, there has been a lot of great food being served to a lot of customers. When Bob Patel bought Stan’s, he did not want to lose the legacy of Stan’s but he knew that the physical site was obsolete and needed more than a facelift. So, 44 years after their last reinvention, Bob called on Paragon Solutions to guide them through their next bold move with a Raze and Rebuild design… Significant portions of the original décor were brought into the new space including a tree that welcomes customers into the diner and an antique back bar that looks like it could have been around in the days of Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp behind the sales counter. The convenience market focuses on foodservice and traditional convenience products and services for the traveler. The restaurant welcomes you to delicious home-style food and warm hospitality. Finally, the gift area makes you laugh and dig into your wallet one more time. It is truly a unique store.


2017 Honorable Mention, Best Original Design – Winner




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