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Effective design development is an organic process that requires deliberate communication between your organization and our creative team. To help kick off and manage this process,
we have developed this survey. Successful design development is a partnership. It is up to
you to be a partner in the process. 


The survey is the foundation of a creative brief to help provide our design team with the guidance needed to develop design concepts and branding elements that incorporate your desired message, goals and needs.  

While the survey should capture the overarching goals and objectives of your vision, it should also outline details, history and reference points to best impact final design and outcome.   

The survey is not an end-all be-all for establishing design direction, but it can help streamline communications to save time, effort, and money.  

Investing time and thought into your answers will improve clarity BEFORE design development begins.  



This is an online form where your progress will not be saved if you exit or refresh this page. Because of this we recommend saving your answers to a Microsoft Word or Google Doc document as you work to ensure your answers are backed up.


In order to prevent getting a piece of work that looks nice but just doesn’t fit your company vision, take the time to give us a bit of background about your company. Think of this as your elevator pitch—describe what you do and why you do it. 


Tell us what your project is all about, including goals and objectives for the design. Maybe you want to attract new customers, generate sales or gain media attention. Writing out your thoughts allows you to clarify exactly what you want to achieve before any work starts.


Are there elements of the existing brand or sub-brands that you want to maintain
(i.e., logos, colors, icons, etc.)? Please attach images.

Upload Image File
Upload Image File
Upload Image File


We need to know your target audience in order to create a design that resonates with them. Describe your primary and secondary target customers, demographics, and geographic location if applicable. (i.e., millennials, women, truck drivers, urban, rural, etc.) 


Who are your competitors? What makes your brand different? How do you want to stand out? This info will help us understand how to distinctively present your company in your market. 


What would you say is your unique Value Proposition or Key Differentiators? What capabilities do you have to deliver value to your customers that the competition can’t or won’t?


Please list any core values of your brand that come to mind. A brand’s core values are the foundational beliefs that a company stands for.  They are the key principles guiding how a company operates. They are the compass that guides: your brand story, your actions, your behaviors, and your decision-making process.


Give us a sense of the personality you want for your brand. Think of words like energetic, youthful, fun or healthy. Personality gives your brand a human tone that your audience can connect with, and it allows us to make informed decisions when it comes to elements like colors and fonts.


What graphic styles are you attracted to with regards to branding (logo & identity)? Specifically styles that you may want to incorporate into your new branding.

This could include specific examples, colors, brand logos, font styles, or design styles

(ie: cartoony, rustic, modern, or retro) Please attach any relevant files that show examples

of this style.

Upload Image File
Upload Image File
Upload Image File


What retailers or brands are you inspired by and why? Which companies don't measure up in your eyes? Inspiration can help us focus on real world examples of where you want to take your brand. Please give specifics and include images if possible.

Who do you want to emulate? List retailers or brands that inspire you.

What do you like the most about your inspirations?

Sometimes eliminating ideas can be more helpful than adding them. What brands do you want to avoid emulating and/or what practices do you like least and why?

Please feel free to upload designs, photos, or articles that you like. If there’s anything else you want to include to help us communicate your brand, please upload it.

Upload Image File
Upload Image File
Upload Image File

Thanks for submitting!

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