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When something works, double down. That is exactly what Oak Grove Market did in their new location. In their previous store, drive thru and food were the key ingredients to a great store. In their new store, there is still a food centric approach to meeting their customer’s needs that is now combined with a very upscale interior and drive thru. Oak Grove Market and Paragon Solutions teamed up to create a new vision for the community. Even the name reaches out to the community. Oak Grove is the area that the store is located and Market better defines the expanded presentation.

To complete the offering, warm colors and modern architecture wrap the facility in an incredibly inviting way. From the moment you drive onto the lot until you take the first bite of deliciousness, you feel welcome. The food offering is anchored by an amazing pizza offering baked in a brick oven. Nothing is left to chance as everything is made fresh by in-house chefs.

Whether you eat in at the indoor/outdoor seating area or if you take it to go, you will not be disappointed. Oak Grove Market stands apart as the next generation in convenience.

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