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Brand Strategy: Before You Tie the Knot

Updated: Mar 20

I’m a newlywed, and my lovely wife is obsessed with reality T.V., apologies if you or a loved one share this affliction. In the run up to our nuptials she insisted that we watch a series new to us – “Married at First Sight”. For those who aren’t familiar, this show pairs up strangers to meet at the altar and tie the knot on their first date, and after 8 weeks the couples decide whether they want to keep going or call it quits. Surprise, surprise in the long-term only 17% of these couples stuck it out. This got me thinking… if you wouldn’t get married on the first date, why would you marry a logo before you got to know your brand? When a brand identity fits your company, customers, and long-term goals the result is a happy marriage. On the other hand, if you don’t know your brand strategy before tying the knot and launching a new logo, you could be headed for a rough patch.

So, what is brand strategy? Simply put, brand strategy is a long term plan that will map out how you will be different, trustworthy, memorable, and likeable in the eyes of your ideal customer. Your customer’s experience of your brand is not limited to your name and logo; it’s their visits to your physical locations, your marketing efforts, and anywhere your brand lives out in the world. Whatever your goal, start with brand strategy.

At Paragon Solutions we follow a proven process to craft a brand strategy with our clients. We want to know who are you as a company, whether it’s a great founding story, a track record in the community, or the core values you strive for. Our team looks at market positioning: who you are branding for and why they should choose you over the competition. This is where we use data to show you the way, utilizing research and analytics to listen to the market. We want to know where you stand, the brands that inspire you, and those that definitely don’t. We find your special sauce - what can you do for your customer that the competition won’t? Strategy and research will ensure that we are branding for your target audience, not missing the mark. Our process builds a solid foundation that ensures your brand is not just a logo and you might just like it enough to put a ring on it.


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